10 Pcs Two Used Microblading Pen Eyebrow Manual Tattoo Pen Permanent Makeup Needle Handmade Handle Tool 3D Cosmetic Tattoo

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The Key of this product
1.Using the human body mechanics can be used to show various brow handmade decorative techniques, such as embroidery, cross-stitch, carving, row, etc.
2.patent system will not sway lock needle, pen body carved art d lines reveal uncommon professional bearing brows. Used for grain each project operation, the performance of different methods.
3.Do not need the power when doing tattoo beauty operation, suit for all needles
4.The eyebrow handmade tattoo pen is used with the paste pigment, which is the main tools for the eyebrow operation.
5.The eyebrow handmade tattoo pen is easy to cope with and not easy to damage.

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Microblading manual tattoo pen


Brow, lip and eyeliner