10bags/100pcs Semi-Permanent Location Line for Bow Arrow Rulers Thread Cut Strings Eyebrow Mapper MIcroblading Measuring Tool

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100pcs Semi-Permanent Location Line for Bow Arrow Rulers Thread Cut Strings for Eyebrow Mapper MIcroblading Measuring Tool String

Why Choose the Brow Mapping Thread?

✔ Thinnest string possible allows for surgical accuracy

✔ Quick and frustration-free: set up takes less than 30 seconds, one knot is all it takes! (one each end)

✔ Sturdy & long-lasting, made from best materials (carbon string)

✔ Smart design: proprietary friction technology created micro-grooves for strong grip – will not slip from hands or the mapper!

✔ Non-irritating, safe for skin

✔ Eco-friendly and cruelty-free.


✔ Pre-cut microblading string for use with microblading mapper; a custom brow mapping string

✔ NOT a pre inked string; black color comes from the natural material of the thread

✔ 10 strings per pack for value! Flexible carbon thread, thinnest string possible for surgical precision. Durable. Safe for skin. Proprietary friction technology for strong grip. Eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

✔ Compatible with any marker, stencil, semipermanent eyebrow pencil, or carbon paper. For permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing,

✔ It’s a measuring string specially designed for hassle-free brow mapping! Eyebrow tools measure golden ratios, but when it comes to drawing perfectly shaped brows, eyebrow shaped rulers has limits.

Brand Name



Flexible carbon thread


Tattoo accesories

Model Number

Semi-Permanent Mapping String


Black Semi-Permanent Location Line

Use with

bow arrow rulers and line ruler

Use for