50PCS Microblading Tattoo Needles 1R/3R//5R/5F/7F Disposable Sterilized Needles Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Lip Eyeline Needles

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50pcs Microblading Needles 1R/ 3R/ 5R/ 5F/ 7F Machine Needles Disposible Sterilized Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Needles Lip Bleaching Tattoo Needles Eyelines Pins Microblading Accessories

Type: 1R/ 3R-loose/ 3R-closing/ 5R-loose/ 5R-closing/ 5F/ 7F

Quantity: 50pcs machine needles (choose the type you want from the chart)

Material: stainless steel

Thickness: 0.35mm

Length: 5cm

Made of high-quality stainless steel

Sterilized In E.O.

Individual pack and disposable use

Don’t use if pack damaged.

1R: used for microblading eyebrow, eyelines tatttoo and microblading lip tattoo and so on

3R/ 5R: used for cutting thread, lip line tattooing and lip bleaching and so on

5F: used for lip bleaching microblading fog eyebrow and so on

7F: use for lip bleaching, microblading fog eyebrow and so on


​Since the different manufactures, the color of the outer wrap sometimes will be different. Please full understand.


These needles is for microblading eyebrow, lip, eyeline


These needles are used with small microblading tattoo machine, not suitable for large tattoo machine. Be careful to choose depending on your needs.

Eyebrow tattoo, eyelines, lip tattoo choose this!

Large body tattoo, don’t select this, it is not for large body tattoo machine!


Applied Effect

We Also have the following needles caps for you to buy

The needles are applied to the microblading machine, except the needles, you may need the needles caps, please select the caps depending on the size of your machine. The following is for your reference, you can buy the caps by clicking the following links

Small Size Needles Caps

Large Size Needle Caps

We also have the microblading tattoo pigment for eyebrow tattoo

Brand Name

Irene Moon


Tattoo Needle

Item name

Disposable pen microblading

Suit for

Lips Tattoo

Model number

Microblasting tattoo needles

Type 1

Professional Permanent Microblading Embroidery Pen

Type 2

Tattoo consumables




Stainless steel


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