Biomaser 1set Surgical Skin Marker Eyebrow Marker Pen Tattoo Skin Marker Pen With Measuring Ruler Microblading Positioning Tool

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Size: Pen:14cm;Ruler:15cm

Color: White

Good for marking and locating on the skin Marked clear, safe use on the skin

Our skin markers contain medical-grade, non-irritating gentian violet ink.

A large ink reservoir allows for a longer product life and also helps provide constant ink flow for clear marking.

When the mark is removed, it can be erased by low concentration acid alcohol

It could be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow, eyeline and lip.

It can help those who usual find no eyebrow position and have makeup spacing problems to get a pair of symmetrical satisfaction brow


1. Clean and wait for the skin dried

2. Make marking on the skin with this marker

3. Use iodine to sterilize again on the marking

4. Markings can be removed by acid alcohol

Package Include:

1pcs *0.5MM marker pens with rulers

Brand Name



Tattoo accesories


Plastic eyebrow marker

Model Number

Makeup Marker Pens

Type 1

Tattoo Skin Marker Tool

Type 2

Retail/Wholesale/Drop ship

Type 3

Grooming Stencil tattoo supplies

Type 4

Permanent Makeup Accessory

Type 5

Eyebrow Rule

Type 6

tattoo accesories/microblading accesories


Sterilized Package