Electric Dr.Pen Nano-electric Crystallite Permanente Microblading Tattoo Makeup Machine Eyebrows Eyeliner Lip Micro Needling Pen

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Point method:
After the nanocrystal chip is mounted on the nanocrystal wafer and vertically touches the surface of the skin, it can be visually observed that there is a slight depression, and the speed, denseness, and gentleness are raised one by one. Adjust the strength according to the contact area
Sliding method:
After the nanocrystal chip is mounted on the nanochip, it is perpendicularly contacted with the skin surface, and a slight depression can be visually observed to slide in a straight line. While sliding, the nano wafer does not leave the skin surface, and the same part is recommended to stay for 3-5 seconds and the number does not exceed 2 Times.
Circle method:
After the nanocrystal chip is mounted on the nano-wafer and perpendicular to the surface of the skin, the sensation of the depression can be visually observed, and the nano-wafer does not leave the surface of the skin at the same time, and the same part is recommended to stay 3 – less and the number of times is less than 2 times.Various problem skin use steps and product recommendations
Dry, sensitive skin:
Before using various functional products, introduce the hydrating product (hyaluronic acid hydrating mask) three times before, and then introduce the functional product after the skin is not dehydrated.
Introduce a small range before introducing a functional product, and use it on the entire face without symptoms such as redness, itching, etc.
Please use the no-clean type hydrating products in time after import.
Spotted problem skin:
It is recommended to use acne essence with hydrating products (such as whitening column spot) to use acne-prone skin:
It can be introduced with acne products. The acne skin itself has inflammation. It is recommended not to use it all over the face when importing. It should only be introduced at the acne area to avoid infection of other parts of the face.
Acne acne print introduction Note:
It can be introduced with acne products in combination with lyophilized powder. First use the lyophilized powder to introduce the acne marks. When importing, you should bypass the acne operation to avoid infection, and finally introduce the acne products vertically on the acne.
Specific operation methods of acne pit:
After cleansing, use the instrument to pick up the acne pit, then apply the lyophilized powder in the acne pit and lift it with the instrument until the acne pit is red or slightly painful. It is introduced twice a week, and the lyophilized powder is applied every morning and evening. Generally, it is more effective for more than three months.

1. Cleans the skin: daily makeup remover, cleansing, can be cleaned twice with toner.
2. Remove the nanochip and mount it on top of the crystallizer.
3. Apply a proper amount of stock solution or serum to your face.
4. Press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to start the crystallizer and touch the surface of the skin vertically. It is recommended to stay for 3 to 5 seconds for each contact point.
5. After the operation, please turn off the power and remove the nano-wafer, apply the common skin care products, it is recommended to use the essence, cream and so on. (It is better to make a no-clean mask before applying skin care products)
6. Nano-wafers are not reusable to avoid secondary pollution. Please discard them after use.

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Tattoo Needle

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Brand Name


Microneedle Length




Power Source

Dry & Rechargeable, EU, US

Product Name

Nano electric digital display micro needle instrument

Adaptation power supply


Body weight


Microneedle charging lasts

1.5 hours


Pink, gold, silver

Gear position

5 speed

Product advantages

LCD screen

Interface Type

Screw port

Product Features 1

Cell renewal

Product Features 2

Lightening wrinkles

Product Features 3

Lighten spots

Product Features 4

Remain foundation

Product Features 5

Dredge pores

Product Features 6

Water light leading-in

Product Features 7

Pregnant lips

Product Features 8

Help penetration

Product Features 9

Promote metabolism

Product Features 10

Improve skin tone

Product Features 11

Refine pores

Product Features 12

MTC skin management

Product Features 13

Whitening and moisturizing

Product Features 14

Acne pit print

Product Features 15

Anti-wrinkle fade wrinkles