Electric Dr.pen Wireless Skin Care Machine Device Tattoo Microblading MYMTattoo Needles Gun Dr Pen Mesotherapy Face Makeup

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Product description

H3 electric micro needle penetration instrument is a new generation of high-tech beauty equipment. It is a cosmetic tool that enhances penetration based on the development of human skin structures.

The body is light, the appearance is novel, it can be carried around and is easy to operate. Can be used with a variety of needles.

A good microneedle beauty is equivalent to 20 masks.

Various problem skins (use steps and product recommendations)

Before using various functional products, you should introduce the moisturizing product three times (destroying the uric acid moisturizing mask), then the skin will be short of water, and then introduce some functional products.

After introducing functional products, small-scale guidelines, do not use muscle joints throughout the face after symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching, etc. Please use the no-clean repair moisturizer in time.

Found problem skin:

It is recommended to use freckle extracts (such as whitening and spotting essence) on moisturizers.

Acne skin:

It can be used with acne products and lyophilized powders. Acne skin itself has inflammation. It is recommended not to use it all at the time of introduction. It should only be used in areas of acne to avoid infection of the face and other areas.

Introduction to acne printing Note:

You can use acne-printed products to introduce l yophilized powder, first using Donggan powder to introduce acne marks, and you need to bypass the acne operation to avoid infection.

The specific operation method of hemorrhoid pit:

After cleaning, use the instrument to pick up the acne pit and apply the lyophilized powder to the acne pit. Use the instrument to lift it until the hemorrhoids pit becomes red or slightly painful. Import twice a week. Apply lyophilization daily and evening. Powder is generally more effective for more than three months.

Product import and use flow chart

1. Clean the skin

2. Apply the original solution / essence

3. Exercise on the muscles with the H3 needle for 10-15 minutes.

4. Apply the original solution / essence

5. Apply a repair mask

6. Apply cream/lotion

Note: This method is only available to users with nano-round needles and nano-square silicon needles.

Product Manual

Proportional adjustment

The direction of the original needle is distorted and the needle is reduced from large to small.

Rotate the needle counterclockwise from small to large

Adjust the dial according to different skin care needs

Power cord installation

After the H3 meter is fully charged, you can use the wires directly. When the power is off, you can insert the /H3 microneedle device directly.

The instrument is designed for charging and plug-in.

Indicator display effect

5 files can be adjusted freely

After holding down for 3 seconds, you can switch the speed and gear position once per second. The higher the gear, the faster the indicator flashes.


The status is red when charging, it is recommended that the first charging time is 4 hours.

In the fully charged state, after pressing for 3 seconds, the speed and gear can be switched every second. The higher the gear, the faster the indicator flashes.

Steps for usage

1, clean the skin: daily makeup remover, cleansing, can be used for secondary cleaning with toner

2, remove the nanochip mounted on the top of the microneedle

3. Apply a proper amount of stock solution or essence to the wafer head or apply it on your face.

4. Press and hold the power switch key for 3 seconds to start the H3 electric microneedle device. Align the fixed scale mark and rotate the tick mark to adjust the wafer to the gear position where the needle is needed, and then touch the skin surface vertically. Each contact point is recommended to stay 3 second

5. After the operation, please turn off the power and remove the nano-wafer. After the micro-needle is finished, you need to apply the ice repair mask to repair the skin that has just been treated. Apply the common skin care products. It is recommended to use the essence and cream.

Note: Nanochips are not reusable to avoid secondary pollution. Please discard after use.

This method is only for users with nano-circular needles and nano-square silicon needles.

Scope of application

1. Skin care area:

It is used in daily care and in conjunction with the use of skin care products to promote the efficient absorption of nutrients.

2. Skin repair field:

Apply to acne, pigmentation, scars, aging skin, etc., with the use of targeted products, to promote its rapid and efficient absorption, to achieve better repair results

How to choose a needle

Brand Name


Microneedle Length




Power Source

Rechargeable Battery, Dry & Rechargeable, EU, US, Electric

Product Name

Product Name: H3W Micro Needle Instrument

False Eyelash Craft

Machine Made


box appr.15*2.5cm


Facial Eyebrow Eyeliner Skin Makeup


Derma Pen Cartridge Needles

Fit for

Screw-tip Derma pen Needles 1 3 5 7 9 12 36 42 pin 3D Nano

Type 2

Skin tightening

Fit for 2

9 /12/36 pin


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