JAF Brand 7pcs Eyeshadow Brushes for Makeup Classic 100% Natural Animal Hair Eye Shadow Blending Make Up Brush Set JE07PY

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What’s the difference of this eye brush set?

>> 100% natural pony hair, specially for eye makeup.

>> The high quality bristles picks up and transfers makeup pigment well, saving your cherished makeup.

>> Consisting of 7pcs esential eye brushes, sufficient for a starter to do the eye makeup professionally.

>> A must-have brush with durable, soft and dense features.

>> JAF have been knowing makeup brushes for more than 10 years.

100% Natural Pony Hair >>>

Extra Large Fluff Shader >>>

Large Eyeshadow Brush >>>

Medium Size Shading Brush >>>

Angular Eye Blending Brush >>>

Tapered Eye Makeup Blender >>>

Small Eye Shadow Brush >>>

Mini Size Smudge Brush >>>

Overview of The 7 Eye makeup Brushes >>>

100% Natural Pony Hair >>>

Eco Painted Wooden Handles >>>

When you hold the 7 makeup brushes in hand >>>

3 Colors for your choice >>>

The Pink Set >>

100% Natural Pony Hair >>

Pink Handles >>>

The White Set >>>

100% Natural Pony Hair >>>

White Handles >>>

Nice Packaging with JAF Brand >>>

REGULARLY clean makeup Brushes so as to save your brushes, your makeup, and protect your skin from destructive bacteria.


1) TO start makeup application lay out doubled-up tissue or paper towel (1/2 sheet will do).

2) Before using each brush, move the bristle on the tissue back and forth so as to ensure there is no remaining pigment in the brush.

3) After makeup application, again ‘paint’ off the remaining pigment on the tissue. (NEVER rub the bristles roughly, or you will damage them.)

4) Brushes for applying wet makeup (like foundation) must be cleaned with mild soap so as to prevent the bristles from getting hard and parting (useless).


Step1: Rinse the brush under running warm water by moving your finger across the bristles in the direction of their tips.

Step2: Apply some mild soap on the bristles and then do circular strokes in the center of your palm, getting the full benefit of the soap breaking down the pigment in the bristles.

Step3: Contitue the circular motion under running water to wash the soap off the bristles, assisting with your finger tips to shape the bristles back to normal

Step4: Lay the brush FLAT to dry on clean absorbent surface. (DO NOT stand the brush on end as the water will run down and pool in the ferrule, resulting in bristles with whole, or falling off.)

– SINCE 2008.08.08

Brand Name


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Horse Hair


7pcs makeup brushes

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7 pcs makeup brushes

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Makeup Brush


High Quality Natual Hair


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