Mapping pre-ink string for Microblading eyebow Make Up Dyeing Liner Thread Semi Permanent Positioning Eyebrow Measuring Tool 20m

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Microblading Mapping String Pre-Inked Eyebrow Marker thread 20m Mess-Free Thread with 20pcs Sleeve Create Crisp Spot-on Brow Map

Pre Inked brow mapping string
Length approx: 20m
Use for marking prior to microblading procedure, tattoo and PMU
Dark Grey / Black in colour
Opening the box will cause the string to dry out
Videos on its use are available online
Store in a cool dry place

Brow Mapping String:

Pre-inked mapping thread helps you create beautiful bespoke brows for your clients by making the pre-draw process quicker and more precise than ever.
A MUST HAVE mapping thread for all brow stylists and beginners! Perfect tool for Microblading

What it does:
– Reduces time of the procedure
– Increase the revenue
– IMPROVE the treatment effect!

Simply pull thread out of the box, hold the mapping string tight during use, and dispose after use.
While other eyebrow tools can measure golden ratios, when it comes to drawing perfectly shaped brows, the eyebrow shaped rulers and eyebrow mapping pencil / stencils have limits.Any top-tier cosmetic artist knows that executing perfect lines – parallel and right angles – is the key to creating the best work, and winning satisfied clients.


Tattoo accesories, Tattoo accesories


Stainless Steel / Cotton

Model Number

Line Mark Ruler

Material 1

Stainless Steel / Cotton


Eyebrow shapping tools


Bow and arrow thrush artifact


Eyebrow stencil


Mark Ruler Line

Makeup artist

Semi-permanent tattoo line


eyebrow desgin tools

use for


Name 3

Microblading Mapping Strings


Eyebrow Design and Outline

Name 1

PMU Brows Positioning

Function 3

Microblading Mapping Tools

Function 1

Eyebrow Mapper Line Marker

Feature 3

Mapping pre-ink string