Tattoo Eyebrow Bow And Arrow Thrush Useful Product Tattoo Planning Tool Beginners Thrush Set Eyebrow Design 10 Thread

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Name: eyebrow line ruler

Size: 25.7*6.7

Net Weight: 17g

Gross weight: 42g

Material aluminium alloy (With 10 thread)

Line mark ru

First, the principle of tattoo

Skin generally divided into epidermis and genuine leather, its thickness according to parts of different approximately 0 212mm-0 508mm, eyes parts most Pu, and Palm of skin thickest. understand the thickness of the skin. the depth of the needle will be sure when the tattoo is stabbed, and it will not be too deep or too shallow.
The under layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, which is composed of tight squamous cells. The lower in turn the transparent layer, the granular layer, the thorn layer and the hair layer. The epidermis has no blood vessels, but there are many small nerve endings, the epidermis is basically translucent.
Close to epidermal is genuine leather papillary layer, papillary layer is genuine leather layer vascular plexus. Next is genuine leather mesh layer and subcutaneous tissue. Rich deep vascular plexus and subcutaneous fat, for skin provide and transport nutrients material.
Tattoo technology is actually a traumatic skin coloring, the pigment is planted in the skin tissue to form a stable Color block, because the skin is very thin, translucent, pigment through the epidermis layer, showing the effect of color to cover blemish, Foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, and modify and beautify. The pigments inserted into the skin are all small particles with a diameter of less than one micron. They are quickly surrounded by collagen and cannot be swallowed by swallowing cells, thus marking.
Second, tattoo common sense
Tattoo Beauty is a traumatic skin coloring with certain risks. Tattoo Beauty is success and not allowed to fail, so the operation of tattoo beauty should guarantee under safe conditions. There must be special apparatus tool, disinfection and hygiene, and tattoo operators must have certain medicine aesthetics base and trained operation skills. The environment, atmosphere, light, etc. are important conditions related to tattoo beauty.
Cleaning and comfortable environment, tattoo beauty is implemented in genuine leather and epidermis, the feature function is reduced after piercing the epidermis skin, and bacteria are easy to invade. Therefore Munsu beauty of operating room to maintain cleaning, air refreshing.
Quiet and soft atmosphere and good atmosphere can mediate the nerves of good people to make mood feel quiet and mood. In this environment, you can concentrate on the operation. The tattooed person actively cooperates in a good environment to ensure the quality of the tattoo artist’s work.
Moderate lighting, lighting is an important conditions for tattoo beauty operation. Soft and comfortable light can slow down the visual fatigue of the tattoo artist and guarantee the quality of the tattoo.
BEEKING facilities: beauty beds and mirrors. The stability of the posture of the half-lying or lay flat is strong, and it is safe and convenient for to operate by the tattoo artist. The role of the Mirror: it is to let the guests see the effect. It is also the overall effect of letting the tattoo teacher look at the tattoo from the mirror.



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