Ultra-silence Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen For Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Lips Microblading DIY Kit With Tattoo Needle

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Aimoosi A9 PMU Machine

Machine advantedges:
1, the whole body is washed, anti-scratch and anti-collision, durable;
2.The world’s first AI speed control chip built in the control panel, AI intelligent tracking, full of technology sense;
3. The fuselage uses German original ultra-quiet soft shaft wedge-shaped movement, hollow cup brushless motor imported from Japan, more power and more intimate; Ultra-quiet;
4, built-in automatic sterilization and disinfection function, completely eliminate hidden dangers to health and safety;
5. It is a comprehensive intelligent instrument that integrates multi-function, semi-permanent tattoo, MTS skin management, and small tattoos.
– Use time- -Panel charging for 2.5 hours, continuous use for more than 8 hours
-Industry’s first retractable panel and hidden full touch control system design
-Built-in large capacity 1650 mAh lithium battery
-Continuous uninterrupted use for more than 8 hours after full power
-10 precise speed adjustments to meet the individual needs of all pmu artists
-Industry’s first pen body automatic disinfection function design, to prevent possible cross infection
-Exquisite pen holder on the panel, no need for external machine pen holder
-One light for three uses (battery level display, body disinfection display, gear position display.)

1.Single pen of machine:
a, 0-3mm precisely adjust needle
b, aluminum alloy material
c. Speed: 8500 ~ 15800 rpm

a, PVC plastic matte material and acrylic touch button-material
b. Gear display-double digital display
c. Color matching-blue, red, black

3. Needle cartridge advantages:
a) capsule packaging design-medical environmental protection, safety and health
b)embedded silicone safety needle-not only can avoid the old slackness of the spring, but also prevent the backflow of pigment
Eliminate the friction between the spring and the needle sleeve wall, greatly reduce the operating noise, and completely isolate the needle color magazine from the machine to prevent the color material from flowing backward
c) Lock pin method-rubber fastening method
Needle type: 0.18 1R (sharp) 0.3 1R (blunt) 3R 7F U9 needle

-Use method:
1. Panel start-up key-screen power display, and disinfection function
2.Machine single pen-open key-the machine operates in -10 gears, the default is 5 gears when the machine is turned on
-Gear operation:
Eyeliner: 1-4 gear operation, recommended 3R operation, 1R eyeliner tail.
Line eyebrow: 5-8 gear operation, recommended 1R operation.
Fog eyebrow: 4-8 gear operation, recommended 3R & 7F operation.
Lips: 8-10 gear operation, recommended 3R, 7F, U9 operation.
MTS: 8-10 gear operation, recommended MTS needle.
(Adjusted according to skin thickness)

In order to ensure that you use the instrument correctly, please refer to the precautions for usc before use.
1. Do not use the instrument in high temperature or humidity;
2. The continuous operation time of the instrument shall not exceed 4 hours. If it exceeds 4 hours, it shall be shut down for 30 minutes to continue above;
3. This product is a professional operation tattoo instrument, the operator must undergo relevant professional tattoo training;
4. Please let the machine idle and warm up before loading the needle to make the system run more smoothly
5. If the needle is stuck during the operation, the machine can not operate normally, please turn off the power immediately to prevent the movement from being burnt out;
6. When the machine is not working properly, please remove the needle and check if the machine can work normally;
7. The machine will be dismantled without warranty;
8. Do not use a power adapter that is not configured by the company, as it may cause machine malfunction or accident

Product name: AIMOOSI-A9
Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V
Panel input voltage: 5V
Machine current: 2A
Machine input voltage: 12V
Machine speed: 8500~15800pm
Machine size: 19*19*100mm
Panel size 160*80*20mm
Product configuration: Al Intelligent tattoo instrument Machinc Power adapterPanel cable Machine cable
Needle size: 0.18mm-1R, 0.3mm-1R3R 7FU9
Applicable items: EyelinerEyebrow Lip Eyelashes Tattoo) Makeup Color: Sapphire, Ruby red, Classic black
Quality warranty: Free maintenance within 1 year
Speed: 8500 ~ 15800 rpm
Pen of machine material: aluminum alloy material
Panel material: PVC plastic matte material and acrylic touch button-material
Needle packaging: Environmental health capsule packaging
Needle type: 0.18 1R (sharp) 0.3 1R (blunt) 3R 7F U9 needle

Package :
1 x Tattoo Pen
1 x Plug Adapter+1 connect line
1 x color box

Brand Name


Model Number

AIMOOSI A9 machine


sapphire blue, ruby red, classic black


Eyebrow Tattoo permanent makeup kit






15-24V AC/DC


100V-240V 50/60HZ


0.18-1R, 0.3-1R, 3R, 7F, U9


CE Certificated